Client Testimonials

Jordan is awesome and my horses love PEMF! You can really feel a difference the next time you ride, I would recommend it to anyone. One of the greatest therapies I have used, and super afforable.

Amanda S.

I have used Jordan since February to help a horse I imported to feel his best after the long travels from abroad. Since then she’s improved him incredibly and he is so happy and performs his best after PEMF treatments. Jordan is as vital to our success as our vet, farrier, or trainer. She is also a fabulous person and fun to work with. I highly recommend her to help you or your animals.

Emily S.

Per my vets recommendation, I had Jordan our for the first time on Monday evening. I was skeptical of the treatment at first because everything else that I had tried (acupuncture and massage) didn’t make that much of a difference. Tuesday I took my horse out for a xc school and she felt the best she has in a long time! I will continue to use Jordan and will be recommending her to others. I would definitely encourage anyone- even more those with sensitive backed horses, to try this out!

Sydney M.

Jordan is amazing! My 90 year old uncle has right hip pain and lack of mobility because of it. He could hardly walk or get up or down from sitting. After the first session with Jordan, he is moving around very well. Some days too well! Do not let the simplicity of this treatment fool you- it works! Thank you Jordan!

Alysa S.

My knees have taken a beating from over 30 years of working with horses, but last winter stepping on some frozen mud the wrong way, had me hobbling for weeks in severe pain. After going to Jordan for some PEMF therapy on my knees, not only was the inflammation way down but the pain, and ease of movement was back! No more shuffling down the hallway first thing in the morning, and walking down the stairs sideways! Jordan’s PEMF therapy has saved my knees! Thank you!

Alison W.

I have a type of muscular dystrophy and after a few treatments I have a feeling this is going to be a part of my regular maintenance. I really feel like it’s helping!

Jessica H.

Jordan is amazing. My horses are super relaxed with her and she has helped them both. The one was recovering from a broken shoulder and can now be ridden, and loves that she is being back to being ridden! Because of Jordan and her magic Alex Bay is a happy healthy horse. Can I give six stars?!

Heather W.

Jordan has been healing clients for many years. Her new space is beautiful and she makes sure you feel comfortable and relaxed. I’ve enjoyed her massages as well as the PEMF. It’s always a wonderful experience visiting Jordan and I highly recommend her to anyone in Towson, Timonium, or Cockeysville.

Geoff P.

PEMF treatments with Jordan have been more effective in relieving painful muscle spasms in my back than muscle relaxers and physical therapy. Not only has it eliminated the pain without drugs, but has helped my body heal, so the knots don’t come back!

Carla L.

Jordan worked on one of the horses at the therapeutic riding facility I manage. TR horses are a different kind of performance horse, but deserve the same kind of treatment! With two PEMF treatments, we could tell a difference. And Jordan is great!

Jessica S.

Jordan has an amazing sense of touch and is an excellent body worker. As a yoga teacher and health coach, I admire Jordan’s therapeutic style and I LOVE that she added in the PEMF to help with aches and pains, reduce inflammation and speed healing. Highly recommend for runners or athletes of any sport.

Karen D.

The difference Jordan has made in my horse is amazing! I definitely will continue using her for my horse as well as myself in the future.

Lexi C.

Massages for 35 years (at least)! By far the best! Sometimes I think a knot in my neck is “ouch” but in seconds… It’s heaven. Jordan has a gift and I’m glad that I found her!

Karen S.