Massage and PEMF Pricing


Services For People



Massage Therapy


30 Minutes- $50


60 Minutes- $85


90 Minutes- $120




PEMF  Therapy (office visits for people or pets)


30 Minutes- $50


60 Minutes- $90


30 Minute Add on to any massage- $40


Three 30 Minute sessions- $135


Six 30 Minute sessions- $250



Services For Horses

PEMF Therapy

Full body- $100

3 sessions- $270

6 sessions- $500


Massage Therapy

Full body- $85


Massage and PEMF Combined

massage and PEMF- $150

Would you like to see me at your barn?

I travel locally to barns, training centers, horse shows, veterinary centers, rehab facilities and the like.   I’m currently traveling in Maryland, Pennsylvania and Delaware.  Look forward to meeting you!

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